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Recover from The truth Worry Of Rejection.

30. May 2012 09:05, pacman

Stress and anxiety of rejection is one of the greatest things that holds us back in living, but specially in relationships. The irony withal is that rejection is actually preferable to indifference, and that the outcome will only be the same as if we were to avoid ever putting ourselves on the course in the first place.

For example the most common time when most of us are afraid of rejection is when we are considering asking someone out. If we are so afraid of rejection that we never approach or ask that person, then this will mean that there is a truthfulness we wo n't end up dating them which is no different from what would befall if we were to be turned down. At the same time though, if we at least ask and at least approach the person we are interesting then we have a possibility of getting the positive response that we want. At the same time if we try and fail then we will still have the ability to move on and to bookend the situation rather than just wondering what might befall. At the same time you increase your chances by putting yourself on the line thus attesting both exposure and courage, and you also learn from the experience either way. There is every reason then to try and to take a chance regardless of what you think the outcome is, and yet so many of us stay stock still in inactivity stemming from fear.

To get over this is simply a matter of learning to put yourself out there more, and learning to get over social inhibitions which can be reached by putting yourself in awkward situations and learning that they 're not that bad, or by using CBT to change the way they think about things.

Tell yourself it's a learning curb and that it does n't matter. We do n't grow as a result of success, we mature as a result of failure. Rejection only makes us stronger.